Appreciation of beauty, in all its forms

Life supplies such stunning moments—artistic, poetic, ironic—and it would be a shame not to translate its meaning into story. To leave the nuances of human experience without description or interpretation is to neglect the very narrative fundamental to our existence. We have the power to make things significant. We should use it. 


Curiosity and interest in the world

In always looking for reasons to achieve, to make bigger and better works, to look for new stories worth telling, new veins of knowledge to follow, paths to travel, people to meet, and old friends to know better. 

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Connecting with and understanding others

In discussing the key elements of sustained well-being, famed psychologist Martin Seligman said, "other people are the best antidote to the downs of life, and the single most reliable up". I couldn’t agree more. Artistry is a practice which not only strengthens our capacity to relate and love, but also to be understood, and to be loved. 


An unyielding passion for learning

Exploring fields adjacent to storytelling so I may consistently do justice to the narratives I engage with—approaching with a breadth of experience and depth of context. Beyond that, learning as much as I can about my world because I am here, and I have the brilliant opportunity to do so. I can’t help but want to explore it all. 


Humor, as a tool for thriving

Life is far too short not to smile.