Watch Only One

Only one of two lifelong friends and soldiers can leave the prison alive. It's up to them which one takes the bullet.

Premiering at the Scout Film Festival this January!


Director's Statement

My favorite filmmaking tip goes something like this: lock two characters in a room, and stick a bomb under the table. While I placed the literal bombs just outside the room, “Only One” is the embodiment of this advice. Co-Director Jake Rouse and I set up a pseudo-prison cell in our school’s basement. Then, in the few hours we were able to film, we tried to squeeze out as much tension and suspense as possible. In writing this script, I focused on building my skills for establishing depth of character. I wanted the plot to be engaging, not because of music or fancy visuals, but simply because the people we follow are dynamic, compelling individuals. Acting and directing simultaneously was a daunting task; I am extraordinarily thankful to Jake Rouse for having my back. This project arose from few resources, but it had ample rewards. It is a testament to the poignancy of narratives that can be created by young adults, and a salute to the ticking bomb, set to explode in less than five minutes.