My experience in live theatre has been a major springboard for my filmmaking passions. As an actor, I gained a deeper understanding of what it means to direct, and I learned to be part of an ensemble - part of a team working towards a single goal. I realize the importance of perseverance through moments of fear in the spotlight. 


Leading Roles

Eurydice, by Sarah Ruhl (2015)


For the first time, I felt completely connected to an audience—an elegant vulnerability. 

“Orpheus said the mind is like a slide ruler. It can fit around anything. Words can mean everything. Show me your body, he said. It only means one thing.”


The American Clock, by Arthur Miller (2015) 

Lee Baum

My first leading role. I played a character who aged throughout the play--a thoroughly enjoyable acting challenge. A huge leap forward in my understanding of taking direction as well as leading an ensemble. 


Supporting Roles


Cinderella, by Rogers and Hammerstein. (2017)

Featured Ballroom Dancer / Knight  

My most recent show, and my most opulent. Massive baroque costumes, technical choreography, and a thrilling exploration of physicality. 



Footloose, by Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbie (2016) 


My first major role in a musical. As a supporting character, I had to sing without the cover of a full ensemble. I’m not a perfect singer, but I am an actor who can sing. Playing Travis was a lesson in character, commitment, and enthusiasm compensating for technical skill. 



The Dining Room, by A.R. Gurney


My first performance with a professional-level company. 



  • Las Vegas Academy Theatre I, II, III, & IV Showcases

  • Las Vegas Academy Dance I & II Showcases

Additional Experience


 Introduction to Clowning: Stanford University - Spring 2018 

A quarter-long intensive in clowning technique and performative comedy, culminating in an open showcase at the end of my freshman year.  


National Comedy Theater, Summer Workshops - Summer 2012, 2013, & 2014 

Training in improvisation and comedic sketch writing, culminating in live performances. 

Film Performances 

I have also acted in several of the short films I directed and produced. My performances can be viewed in the following linked films: